Windows 10 freezing after a few minutes

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Windows 10 freezing after a few minutes

čtv 17. kvě 2018 9:54:58


I just upgraded my laptop last night from Windows 7 to 10. The freezing first occurred last night in which the mouse is still moveable, but everything else on the screen is frozen. I was able to get to the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen, however I couldn't click on any of the options as it still seemed frozen. ALT+F4 brought the shut down box but I was unable to click on anything as everything was still frozen.
I have tried booting the laptop again today and after about 2 minutes after login, the same thing happens and everything freezes except for the mouse which can only move. I tried one more time and left it on the login screen for 5 minutes, however after entering the password the laptop completely freezes again.
Has anyone got any ideas for a fix or what is going on?
Any help would be much appreciated!

Please help.

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