Scratching my new Metal Plus heated bed!

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Scratching my new Metal Plus heated bed!

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Just got a Metal Plus yesterday and started doing test prints of a 30mm cube. I'm using Cura. First, I calibrated it so that the Z height was laying down filament nicely which ended up being -0.9mm I've had several issues all day. Stringing, lifting off build plate, skirt not sticking and pillowing. Out of maybe 20 attempts I've got 2 cubes. One that has pillowing on the top, and one that looks ok.Fixing the pillowing was easy: increase number of top layers. For the other issues, I tried various solutions like increasing the print speed, and lowering the temp. Not once did I adjust the -0.9mm height calibration. -Regardless, on a few occasions the print head scratched the kapton tape and the print bed. Why would it do this?
As I said, I didn't change the Z height! So I would stop the print, increase the height and slowly work back to where it would lay down filament. Many times it would scratch the build plate even though I've backed off the Z height by 0.1mm. Meaning that if I get a scratch at -0.9mm, I would adjust it to -0.8mm - it would scratch, then -0.7mm - then it would still scratch (a little less though). Then at around -0.6mm it wouldn't scratch, but it wouldn't lay down filament very well. So I go back up: -0.7 -no scratching, -0.8 -no scratching, then usually around -0.9 it's not scratching and laying down filament nicely. What?!
So now, back to test prints. Trying to adjust things to help with stringing (print speed, and temp). I end up stopping most prints because the skirt doesn't stick and gets in the way of the main print. From out of nowhere, the print head scratches along the entire Y edge of the build plate as it moves from corner to corner during auto probe. What's going on here? I'm ruining my new print bed more and more every few test prints!
It's like the print bed is going out of level or warping or something.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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